Highly Recommend Pure Energy

Testimonial:   I discovered Pure Energy Bands 2 years ago at the Stampede in Calgary. I was skeptical at first but had some very bad hip pain that was limiting my activity, I thought well if it works it’s was a great deal and if it didn’t it was only $45. I put it on at the beginning of the day, normally the next day after a day on my feet, on concrete and sitting on hard seats my hip ... »

Shocked at great results with Pain Energy Band

On June 15, 2014 I was at a show in Spokane and bought a Pure Energy Band for Pain.   Afterwards I wondered if this was going to be another thing I had tried and wasted my money on.   About 45 minutes later I realized that I had walked around and I was fine By the time I got to the end I could not believe the way I was feeling & the walking I had done.   My feet were fine and my knees were fin... »

Great Results from Pain, Inflammation & Circulation Pure Energy Band

I recently attended the 2013 PNE in Vancouver and visited the Pure Energy Bands Canada booth hosted by Sam & Esther Kowalko. I’ve worn this type of band before until it totally wore out and wanted another. I was interested in the Pain, Inflammation & Circulation band this time. I bought that one then continued on my way. About 1/2 hour later, I did something with my right hand and re... »


Where do I begin? I purchased my Pain & Circulation Band 5 days ago (April 14) at the Calgary Woman’s Show with great skepticism being that for over 10+ years I have had tendonitis, shoulder bursitis, and calcification in my left shoulder with no solution from Medical experts. Along with those issues, I suffered from swelling, and joint pains from an ankle break on a daily basis, with ev... »

Lost over 83Lbs with my Weight Loss Pure Energy Band AND my husband does not snore with his Pure Energy Relaxation/Sleep band

I purchased my Pure Energy band in May of 2011, when I came across Pure Energy Bands booth at the Caribbean Festival in Maple Ridge, BC, at first I thought it was just another product people were trying to push that didn’t really work. I thought hey why not I will give their test a try, well I was amazed at the test they did and how un-balanced my body was. The major test for me was the cell phone... »

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